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~You always thought you were a princess~

'No, I didn't; all I ever wanted to do was behave as one.'

† Castiel ♥
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What have you Done now?

The Beginning of the End, Dark as Clouds of Scorn

Turn back! Turn back and go away!
For come what will and come what may,
Never in any time or place,
Must you and I meet face to face.

I lost my wings, have you seen them? Surely they flew off without me and shall never return.

Who am I? What am I. A little to complex with the way I think, half scientific and logical, the other full of dreams, hopes, wishes and wonderment, both sides constantly at battle with one another. Worry, about everything… personal problems, the world, it’s people, all of it, all rushing through my mind at the same time, cluttered thoughts everywhere. Contradictions, lack of sense and human intelligence push me over the edge. I both hate and love humans at the same time.

But if you still refuse to heed
The warning of the ladder's screed,
If you are still prepared to do
What in time and space is forbidden you,
I won't attempt to hold you back,
Then welcome ot the old man's shack.

Pouring out like Prophets of Doom they do Forewarn
Thoroughly into Final Fantasy, Doctor Who, Dead like Me, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Xena: Warrior Princess, Though my favourite would have to be Final Fantasy VII, first Playstation game (not including Spiro at my friends house as a child), though I do assure you I’m not one of those... scaryfans.

Also loving Supernatural, Farscape and Sugo Chara!. Just not as much.

Favourite character of all time from anything is Zax Fair, and far before he was famous, mind you. Favourite pairing of all time being Zax/Cloud, favourite threesome being Zax/Cloud Aeris… but I am completely open to other stuffs. Unlike most people in my fandom, though, I don’t think every male character is gay. Sorry.

On top of that, the Tenth Doctor is love. Our Lonely God, looking out for us stunted apes who can't look out for ourselves. As do those children who pilot the Evangelions, against Angels with no sense of mercy... and the warrior princess Xena who stands between us and the fury of Gods and warlocks...

...Can you hear that? The sound of drums? Here they come... HERE COME THE DRUMS!
i'm in hufflepuff!

Angels of Doom come Calling, with no Mercy
Married to my lovelies,
serinance and thelastdaughter, at marry_a_ljuser.

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Zack Fair (FF7, FF7:CC)
Locke Cole (FF6)

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zack__cloud (community dedicated to Zax/Cloud)
thefatedhour (RP based on Shadow of Memories world)

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